Never Give Up to Cancer Charity  - When I was diagnosed with Neuroendocrine Cancer September of 2018, I realized I was going to need to do three things. Reflect on my life. Accept my condition. And reject cancer in my body.

I started this charity to help others (like myself) who wake up one day and are told you have cancer. The goal of the charity is to help individual people gain a feeling of hope. Hope helps people survive.

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When you are told you have a terminal cancer life seems to go by in a flash. Every dream you wanted to accomplish seems like it will fade away. But it doesn't have to be that way. First you need to accept you have this disease and that you are going to fight with everything you have to overcome it and survive. Your character is going to be tested. Staying positive can be hard, but it is necessary. You have to stay strong and focus on your treatment and surviving. What has helped me most is faith, family and friends. Don't close yourself off to others. Embrace your fears and start to fight.

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I made a decision to accept that I had a condition that is incurable. But I will reject cancer in my body. I mental fight it everyday. I try to picture the cancer cells leaving my body. It is my own internal struggle against the disease. I reject cancer. I will never give up to cancer. I will fight and help others to fight to survive.

You need to make everyday count. Be positive, find a way to have fun. Remember this, "Fate whispers to the warrior you can not handle the storm, the warrior whispers back, I AM THE STORM!" Live everyday like a warrior, because the day you were told you had cancer you became a warrior.

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Bill Potthoff

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